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Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk

For those of you readers expecting a twisted sequel of urban rebellion as told by a witty duo of divergent personalities - you may be in for a bit of a disappointment - as Lullaby dulls the literary prowess of our hero, the author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk. Lullaby, a novel built around a horror novelty reminiscent of earlier works of Stephen King or what may have been a rejected pilot not up to Rod Sterling's standards for The Twilight Zone, is tragically little better than grocery store paperback reading.

Faced with a journalistic assignment investigating a series of Sudden Infant Death cases, the protagonist of the novel Carl Streator discovers a (oh-so-unexpected) link between the deaths. A book of poems and lullabies open to the same page in each of the victims' familys' possession. Needless to say, with little effort the rest of the novel falls into place as Mr. Streator takes advantage of the killer lullaby and eventually teams up with others interested in abusing its power for their own interests. With virtually no twists nor turns the entirety of this novel was barely enough to keep me awake on my lunch break, narrations of post mortem and free-floating sexual encounters attempt to salvage the readers interest whenever the plot hit bottom. This objective: failed.

I would suggest avoiding Lullaby as to preserve Palahniuk's place on the little pedastool in your head. If you must dig deeper into his literary ability, try Choke which received far less bitter, unimpressed reviews from its critics.

Stay tuned for my next book review of the internationally controversial autobiographical novel The Sexual Life Of Catherine M.. Written in the first person by esteemed French art critic Catherine Millet and most recently featured in the last Stranger. I have much higher hopes for this book, what I've read so far is quite perversely pleasing, so keep an eye out for my next review in rocknrollbookz!!
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